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      Hi , Eventide

      recently i just purchased Adrenalinn III  my main midi setup is 

      Rocktron midimate—>Adrenalinn III ( in out)—>PitchFactor (thru)—>TimeFactor(thru)—>Nova Drive

      the results all effect behind Adrenalinn cannot hear any command from my midimate, but there is changing with the tempo on my factor , all the tempo sync with Adrenalinn if im not mistaken

      after i contacted roger linn suport, what ive known is due the limitation of the hardware  it cannot be done as thru mode, 

      i ordered midi solutions thru from ebay it has 2 thru output, this is my question, the basic idea i would put thru 1: Midimate—>PitchFactor (thru)–>TimeFactor(thru)–>Adrenalinn (i-o)

                         thru 2: Midimate—> Nova Drive

      is above my idea is correct, i want to control of them as #cc, #pc, tap tempo from midimate, would all that stompbox have the same clock (tempo/beat)?

      and other thing, can I isolated the sound of the drumbeat   from adrenalinn ( i want a clean drum sound), my current setup  Nova drive (mono ouput)—>pitchfactor (mono output)—>adrenalinn III(stereo ouput)—>Timefactor( Stereo ouput)—-> Nova Reverb (stereo output)

      should i need another bypass device?


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      Regarding the MIDI side of this, there are probably a few ways to solve this and it will depend on the functionality of the Adrenalinn III and exactly how you want it to work.

      You mention that the Adrenalinn III can not do MIDI THU and OUT at the same time.

      If you can set MIDI Tap Tempo from the MIDIMATE to the Adrenalinn III ok and it can send out MIDI clock then you could use a MIDI splitter after the MIDIMATE and feed one cable to the Adrenalinn III and the other to the a MIDI Merge box.

      Then go out of the Adrenalinn III into the other port on the MIDI Merge box, then out of the MIDI Merge box into the first Factor box.

      This would allow you to add the MIDI clock to the MIDI chain.

      Another option might be if the Adrenalinn III supports MIDI maps for out, then you might be able to do something there too.

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      From what i have known from the roger linn statement, yes adrenalinn cannot set output as thru, only out, thus far the AD3 block the command  to the eventide, so as eventide cannot learn what midimate command, my midi solutions thru is few weeks away until i can test with it, the weird is if i put all the eventide behind AD3 , and i tap something on my midimate. It seems  my all eventide receive midi clock, and it sync with the drumbeat tempo on my AD3, but not #cc or #pc on the eventide

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      So yes, it sounds like the Factors are listening to the MIDI clock that is sent out of the OUT of the adrenalinn, so that is good.

      So you need to merge the MIDIMATE MIDI out with the Out of the adrenalinn.

      Sounds doable with a MIDI solutions MIDI Merger….not used a THRU box though so can't comment on that.

      I had the same issues when I had a MIDIMATE with various pedals.

      An M-Audio MIDISport 2×2 anniversary edition also has a Merge function that may be of help.

      I have found it really helps to draw the MIDI connections out on paper to see the logic.



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