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      As I own this MIDI pedal for my Roger Linn Adrenalin I hope someone can tell me if I could do without the expressionpedal and use MIDI CCs instead.

      I hope I don't have to do this for every preset and can only set this up once.

      Many many thanks for helping,

      Martin aka Ghost

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      You can assign a MIDI Continuous Controller Number to "PDL" in PitchFactor's MIDI menu and then that MIDI CC will behave like an expression pedal plugged into the Expression Pedal input.

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      Great that's what I thought but since it only said pedal ( not foot or expression pedal ) in the manual I was a bit confused since PDL could also be just latch or unlatch switches.

      It's solved now, I'm a happy man … ,

      Martin aka Ghost

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      Teo Ederle

      hi, I'm new entry and I have pichfactor connected directly with roland ev5 exp ped… Also I have roland fc 300.

      have a question:

      exist a default midi cc list? I would prefer to adapt the pedalboard to the pitchfactor without use the learn option.

      thanx & regards

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