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      Hi toulblocks,

      Elevate is the mastering limiter, and should be last in the chain.  You're correct that it can do most of what the others can do.  However, if you need additional EQ, or for instance Match EQ, you can use EQuivocate.  Also, some people like to clip the transients before the limiter, in which case you can use Saturate before Elevate.

      If you're looking for a longer tutorial on one persons approach you can watch this video:



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      Can anyone tell me how to use the Elevate Mastering Bundle.

      For mastering, do I just use “Elevate” or do I use Elevate as well as EQuivocate, Saturate, and Punctuate?

      It would seem that Elevate has all the features of EQuivocate, Saturate, and Punctuate built into it, or am I wrong?

      If all four plugins are to be used together what order in the chain should they be placed?


      Thank you




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