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      Today, I've just been playing with the Room Reverb in the Eventide Space and its absolutely fantastic.

      Just one thought though: would it be possible to increase the decay time in this algorithm? The maximum length is currently 3 seconds. The main reason I raise this request is because I'd really like to increase the decay time of the early reflection component –  I think there's a lot of interesting stuff that could be done if this change could be implemented…including some more My Bloody Valentine type sounds (possibly).

      What do you think? Is it even feasible?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi BarneyBrown,

      Good idea!  I'll keep it in mind for the updates.  In the meantime, turning up diffusion will stretch out the decay of hte early reflections a bit.  Have you tried that?  I've also found that the Reverse Reverb algorithm is good at My Bloody Valentine sounds.

      As a side note:  We might have toyed with this in the beginning, but doing algorithm design in Space was always a delicate balance of realism vs. ….. well, surrealism.  We decided to constrain the boundaries of the basic algorithms (Hall, Room, Plate, Spring) such that users could always have go-to solid and basic reverb sounds.  The crazy stuff has obvious crazier names like BlackHole, etc.  That being said, 10 knobs does allow for a good amount of reality enhancements. 

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      Hi Russell,

      Thanks for your reply and for considering my request.

      Yes, I love turning the diffusion setting to 100. In fact a favourite Room setting of mine is to set the mix to 100, diffusion to 100 and the Early Reflection: Late Reflection ratio to about 8:2. With Diffusion set to max the early reflection component doesn't sound 'real' as such, but it sounds nice and spongy and the late reflection component adds a realistic classic reverb sound on top.

      Increasing the decay time and maintaining the ability to mix early and late reflections would be a really neat feature and could offer a very unique take on the classic early reflection sound.

      I do like the reverse reverb algorithm especially with picked and rhythmic pieces, liberal amounts of feedback and the tempo locked by midi to other gear, but I tend to go to Blackhole and Mangledverb for more classic MBV sounds. Lots of variations of the sound can be created by mixing different decay times and reverb sizes.

      Thanks again though – Space is such an incredible piece of equipment. I think you balanced realism and crazy-ism very well with this one.

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