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      Hi Folks,

      I’m looking to open up greater external control of rose with a midi or basic footswitch controller beyond just expression BUT whilst still being able to continue to use an expression pedal to morph between A and B, which I LOVE and won’t sacrifice for anything.

      Basically, what footswitches of any type can be used in conjunction with expression control?


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      There are a variety of MIDI devices that will work, so it is really up to what type of controller and what functions you are looking for.

      Since the Rose shares a MIDI/exp input, you’ll need a MIDI controller that has an expression pedal input if you want to keep using your expression pedal. You will also need a MIDI converter box that goes from MIDI DIN to 1/4 to work with the rose.

      The chain would be Expression pedal > MIDI controller > MIDI converter box > Rose.

      This is an example of a simple 3 button switch that has an exp input:

      This is a MIDI converter box that would work with the Rose:

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        Thanks for the response.

        A few questions ……

        As the disaster area has trs midi out, can that not be used to connect straight to Rose trs midi input without an adapter?

        Secondly, when a midi controller is receiving expression control from an external expression pedal and then passing that on to Rose, does the expression pedal automatically map to ‘morph A/B’ as an expression pedal would if connected straight into Rose?

        Thirdly, are there any midi controllers that can connect to the USB input on Rose that can be recommended?


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        You’re welcome.

        1. No, the Rose cannot accept a TRS MIDI signal directly from another device, you need to use a MIDI DIN > TRS convertor.

        2. No, it will not automatically be mapped. In this configuration, the expression pedal will be outputting a MIDI CC from the MIDI controller. On the Rose, you can decide which CC# (1-31) will control the morph. It will depend on which MIDI controller you choose, but you’ll need to configure this to output the correct MIDI CC.

        3. No, the Rose needs connect to a USB host device, such as a computer. You can send MIDI data from your computer to the Rose over USB using a DAW or program that can output MIDI data.

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        Tyler has you covered, but I’ll offer another avenue to pursue.  I’ve used a MIDI Baby 3 with the Rose, but always with a laptop (dedicated as a studio hub) in between.  Reason being, I am forever changing MB3 configurations with the online Editor, and swapping it among devices with no DIN.

        I can tell you from experience that Disaster Area has great customer service & support.  They stuck with a problematic issue I had until it was resolved, at no cost.

        I’ve never used their companion  gHOST Adapter, but you might want to contact them with questions regarding compatibility with the Rose.

        Awesome pedal, BTW.  Nothing else sounds quite like it.  Too bad it took so long for people to catch on.

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        Test post to see my account username so I can log into H90 control for the first time….. Really?

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        Sorry you’re having issues. You can click the “My Account” icon in the top right corner of your browser to view your account details, including your username.

        If you have any other issues logging in, please contact or create a new forum post to avoid confusion.

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      and hey…. Any chance you can tell me how to morph from A to B with an exp pedal?  A link to a vid or a DM or just here on the thread—I’m intrigued! Thanks in advance!

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