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      I just ordered a Rose.

      If I understand correctly one must use only usb midi control if they wish to leave the expr input available for A-B morphing.

      Doing both (A-B morphing and TRS MIDI control) simultaneously would not be possible as there is only one jack and CC#27 only supports A-B switching, not morphing. – I would like to see CC#27 support full A-B morphing so I could use an expression pedal or slider in my midi chain for that and still have other trs midi access.

      Advanced feature, live A & B midi parameter morphing:

      By doubling the basic midi parameters available for separate A & B sets of settings, one could make gradual tweaks via midi between presets. For instance a-mix could be 11:00 and b-mix 2:00 thus expression between 11-2; If one then reset mix-b to 4:00 the morph would become 11-4; One could employ two sets of live slider banks for their A&B presets to morph between.

      Otherwise one could just set morphing to full on A and ignore all B CC#s if they wish to bother implementing all-out external midi morphing between presets in a live overwrite fashion.

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      I might be missing your exact request, especially the advanced feature section.  But I would suggest assigning one of the lower CC# MSBs (I favor CC#4 for pedal myself).  Then use expression for true morphing between A/B.

      You could still use CC#27 for A/B hard-switching (or the HotSwitch, if so assigned).  I believe expression will override several of the A/B switched positions.  Phi, Delta, maybe Shape … the ones that switch at midpoint; no matter what method you’re using.

      Some good, clean fun to be had sweeping through the CC#20 values, as well.


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      Hi Brock. It seems we share other device tastes.

      I see my confusion now.

      Using these two resources, the quick guide sheet:

      ..and the midi implementation chart: was not clear that a separate midi expression assigned to the external expression pedal function even existed. I had to find a video implying that such existed, after your comment here implied it existed. That entirely answers my initial concern of having to choose between expression, or trs midi without expression.

      My second paragraph suggestion remains relevant, which rephrased, is to replace one set of CC patch values with two sets of CC patch values to preserve the AB morphing function even while changing parameters via midi.


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      Update: I have learned there are in fact two sets of values the CC parameters set, both the A & B values (not automatically saved), however these would be accessed by using either the CC expression low or high values, so not of much use ‘during’ smooth expression morphing.

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