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      I am getting ready to acquire both the modfactor and timefactor. I play a prs custom 24 through a mesa boogie dual rectifier and my question is

      Would it be wise to run the timefactor through the Boogies parallel loop and run the modfactor through the front of the amp. Also would these pedals affect the amps volume in any way. I have been using a tc electronic g major and it does just that. I lose too much tone and balls when it is active through the boogie loop.

      I need to make this change and I know that the eventides will rule. I have played the modfactor through a loop in a music store and it sounded superb!!!

      Any input would be much appreciated!!! Thanks Bob

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      Hello Bob,

      There are no hard rules for how to hook the stompboxes up because ultimately you should try different things and do the one which sounds the best to you.

      Having said that, what you mentioned is a good way to start: TimeFactor in the parallel loop and ModFactor in front of the amp. Be sure to enable Killdry on the TimeFactor as this will properly mix only the wet signal into your sound.  Killdry is found in the Bypass section of System Mode.

      Due to the nature of some of ModFactor's effects, certain settings may alter the volume. This could be the case with any extreme Modfilter and Q-wah settings, etc. Generally this should not be a problem though. 

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