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       I have a fairly simple question, is it possible to use the H8000FW in the following way:

      Audio in –>  Analog Inputs of the H8000

      Audio out –> ADAT Output from the H8000 going into my interface 

       I've gone through the manual & it seems like when using ADAT routing the H8000 won't recognize the audio coming in via the analog outputs.

       The reason why i want to do this is due to lack of appropriate cables, i have only one analog cable for the analog output on the H8000 & only one optical cable.

       Thanks for the help.

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      Hi Getafix

      yes the H8000 allows many of these formats changes between I/Os.

      Once you have defined the MAIN OUTPUTS, the Adat outputs will deliver them indipendently from other formats.


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       Thanks for the quick reply. Do you mind explaining how to setup this routing configuration i detail?

      I've tried doing it on my own & going through the manual but i'm afraid i'm a bit thick when it comes to getting the best out of the H8000.

      As i understand it the routing configurations only allow you to choose Analog or ADAT, there's no combination of the two. All i want is to have the audio going in via the Analog inputs & being sent out via the ADAT output.

      I appreciate the help!

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       The most important thing to always consider is that the H8000 offers 8 I/O to/from the 2 DSPs engines. Since there are more than 8 I/O (analog/AES/ADAT/S-Pdif/Firewire), you have to define MAIN INPUTS and MAIN OUTPUTS. These will be the sources for the DSPs.

      Your routing is ANALOG in > DSPs > ADAT out. I don't know how you want to route the 2 dsps though, series or parallel…?

      If you load internal factory routing #10 ANALOG A-B you'll have

      MAIN INPUTS 1/2/3/4 = analog in 1/2/3/4

      MAIN INPUTS 5/6/7/8 are not assigned 

      MAIN OUTPUTS 1/2/3/4 = DSP B outputs 1/2/3/4

      MAIN OUTPUTS 5/6/7/8 have the same assignments as 1/2/3/4

      the 2 DSPs are in series.

      If you check under ADAT Outputs you'll see MAIN OUTPUTS 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 being assigned to ADAT OUTPUTS 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

      That means you'll get the ADAT outputting DSP A > DSP B 4 channels in 2 copies.

      You may need more tweaking for your needs.


      Analog inputs 1/2/3/4 feeding DSP A 

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      Excellent, thank you very much for the explanation! Yes 

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      I am also interested in such a configuration. I intend to use analog ins (1, 2, 3, 4) AND AES/EBU inputs (1, 2) as MAIN inputs.

      Therefore, ti should be like this:

      1. Synth1 (L, R) –> Analog ins 1, 2
      2. Synth2 (L, R) –> Analog ins 3, 4
      3. Synth3 (L, R) –> AES/EBU in1 (5, 6)
      4. Synth4 (L, R) –> AES/EBU in2 (7, 8)

      DSPs configured either in series or parallel.

      Is it possible to output all these channels from the ADAT? If it is, will it be at 48KHz?
      Is there a way to output them at 96KHz (firewire maybe?).

      In the manual I saw that the analog outputs 3, 4 derive their signals from the AES/EBU. Therefore if we have a basic configuration analog ins 1, 2 going into DSP A, then DSP B, then we get the output from analog outs 1, 2 but this signal also appears at the AES/EBU output 1. Is it possible to disable this?

      Ideally I would like to use the above configuration and get these outputs:

      1. Synth1 (L, R) –> Analog ins 1, 2 –> DSP A (or both) –> Analog outs 1, 2
      2. Synth2 (L, R) –> Analog ins 3, 4 –> DSP A (or both) –> Analog outs 3, 4
      3. Synth3 (L, R) –> AES/EBU 1 (5, 6) –> DSP B –> AES/EBU output 1 (5, 6)
      4. Synth4 (L, R) –> AES/EBU 2 (7, 8) –> DSP B –> AES/EBU output 2 (7, 8)

      Can the routing configuration change with MIDI?


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      ADAT will output DSPs outputs (8) and/or AES-EBU inputs/ADAT inputs/FW inputs (no DSPs in these last 3 options).

      You can create the described routing and output all thru ADAT at 48KHz; at 96 you'll get 4 channels only. FW is not recommended at the moment for 96. AES is fine.

      Consider that 96KHz is using A LOT of resources and you may not get all the processing power for your 4 synths. Better staying at 48.

      You can't disable where the signal is tapped from (analog from AES). It's a structural aspect. Nevertheless I wouldn't be worried at all about this. The routing options are many. You'll see when you'll get the unit.

      The last routing is possible too, 2dsps in parallel each one fed by analog or AES.

      Yes routing can be switched via MIDI. A studio only recommended operation!


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      Hi Italo,

      thanks for the detailed explanation. I am quite relieved that these two configurations I mentioned are possible.

      Support is great here! Thanks a lot.


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      Ok i finally got the routing setup as i wanted. I just have one slight problem though! Now the levels coming out of the ADAT outputs are really low. I tried to increase the volume in the LEVELS menu but it only lets me reduce the output, not raise it.

      Is there any other way to increase the ADAT levels? Thanks!

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      low levels depend on:

      -input level (check the source feeding the H8000)

      -algorithm level (should name which presets you are using)

      you should try loading the THRU preset in both dsps and check the audio levels then.

      You can't boost a digital level. Whn it's at 0 dB …that's it. The source level is what needs to be boosted/raised.


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