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      hi folks,

      i build a Looper with Vsig.Everything works fine exept:

      when the loop is made it´s played with an Crackle at the loop_end. If the Loop is fresh created.

      I figured out it has nothing do to with Xfade parameter

      It´s just the "start" parameter wich has to move a few ms seconds ( forward ). After that the crackle is away and all other Parameter works fine.

      So , what to do ( programmed ) ? to get the loop direktly without an Crackle.

      I just want to press the "record" and after finishing the Phrase i press the "Play" button, so the Recording play immediately direcly in the Loop…..without a crackle .


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      Maybe you could insert an adjustable gate with threshold, so that when the crackle appears, the gate opens and it suppresses it?

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      I tryed it today. But it did`nt changed anything.

      But it was very interesting , because a found something new out !

      I made the "gate" Modul direct after the Input and than to the Sampler-Modul.

      ( Sampler rec in )…and close the gate 0 db ( Signal didn´t reach Threshold at all ) Close. 

      The "crackle" came definitely from the Sampler-Modul .

      I recorded this crackle also . It ´s 36ms long ! no matter what kind auf Audio-Signal came in.

      Means also Softed Attack Audio Material !. And it´s alltime the same.

      I think it´s the "Trigger-Prozess" from/in the Sampler-Modul itself.

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      hi there, I also played with the sampler module, try to trigger the sampler with shorter impulses, that made the crackes disappear in my case, though I had a different preset setup as you, I was trying to trigger the sampler into audio range, that worked well with a bit of tuning, unfortunately the start time parameter is control not audio or mod domain, so I was not able to build a wavetable synth with my beloved h8000 😉

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      …mhhh. Now i still build it with a simple Delay Modul.

      The crackle is much smaller but anyway out of control.

      Now i am thinking about to build Crossfade modul .

      Anybody ideas ?

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