Saving A+B algos as one preset on H8000

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      Using H8000 for more than 10 years but still to my shame haven’t figured out if it’s possible to save both A and B algos as one preset and later recal them both together at the same time. Of course I can save two algos and name them “preset A” and “preset B” and later load them one by one, but would be more logical to have it as one since I usually program A+B with a strong idea to use them together and they make no sense on their own. So it possible somehow?

      Also I finally want to get PCMCIA card to use with H8000 and load / save some presets from / to my Mac. Wondering what’s the best option at the moment – which card will work 100%, is it good idea to get PCMCIA to CF adapter to use it on computer more easily? Any info would be highly appreciated!

      Thank you in advance!

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