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      I've used H3000 in a project where I'm using a preset completely untouched. After saving the project, closing down the DAW, opening the DAW and reloading the project, there's at least one parameter not getting initialized correctly until I flip back to the same preset in the preset browser.

      The "Delay Amount" parameter is set to 380 ms per the preset but when reloaded from the project it gets set to 600 ms.

      Preset:: Delay + Pitch

      DAW: Reaper 64-bit & Studio One v2 Pro

      OS: Windows 7, 64-bit 

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      Hey there!

      I have the same issues going on here. No matter what preset I use and if it gets tweaked or not. After I saved the song and reload it, certain parameters have changed or there is no soundoutput at all, which resolves when i reload the preset. So I constantly have to save every instance of the H3000 native to make sure, it's gonna be there after the session gets reloaded.

      DAW: Logic 9.1.8  64Bit

      OS: 10.6.8  64Bit

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      Hm. Funny thing is that I can get H3000 to recall the parameters correctly once in a while after having done another save of a project. Something like 1 in 10 times.

      A wild guess is that the plugin don't export the parameters correctly sometimes when the DAW asks for them during a save of the project. It's definitely a problem though since it's happening in different DAWs.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having trouble – it's on the list and we are looking into it.

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      Great! 🙂

      Sorry to say I have quite much stuttering problems too. It seems it's related to iLok and how often the plugin/drivers check the availability of the dongle. I've moved the iLok from a USB hub to directly plugging it in into my computer. It helped somewhat but now much.

      I even stutters now and then when running only one track in Reaper and Studio One, both 64-bit. I haven't tried the 32-bit version yet. I've got a Intel Quad Core Q9550 running @ 2.83 GHz. I've also tracked what's happening with the latency checker in Native Instruments Komple Audio 6 audio control and I get buffer underruns a few times per minute. The only feasible way for me to use H3000 is by dial in a patch I like and freeze the track as soon as possible.

      Is this something you've got any bug reports on?

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