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      Would appreciate any help with this

      I can't seem to save a new delay time in a preset. Whether it's tapped in or adjusted with the encoder, I save it and leave the preset and when I come back to the preset it is always a different time. I've gone to global and set the mix & the tempo to off and tried, I've set it to on and tried, still when I save a new time it's diff when I recall the preset. I have the latest software 2.0. Any suggestions???


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      Is this because of your knob-mode? Surprise

      You can set it for immediate or catch-up (check the manual).

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      No it's not because of that. In global I have mix set to off and tempo set to off. I've tried catch up both ways and it's no diff.

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      Hi idealguitars

      I get a similar problem. I have a midi setup. Each of my Timefactor presets are saved with their own delay time. When i select my first preset, it never comes up with the correctly saved delay time..but if i then select, for example, my second preset, and then go back to the first preset, the first preset now comes on with the correct delay time.

       I will try using the catchup function but this shouldn't affect a delay time that has actually been saved, as opposed to it being tweeked on the fly,

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      Luca9583 is describing exactly the issue I have with my Timefactor when saving settings. I described this in a different thread.

      Luca, did you ever resolve this or just live with it?

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       Hi Thom

       It seems that this is a glitch in the Timefactor which would need to be resolved in a future update.

       I live with the problem at the moment by selecting, for example, preset 2 and then go back to preset 1 and preset 1 is back to the correct saved delay time. 

       Catchup does not solve the issue

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