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      Can I save a preset in bypass state or use two midi signals to simultaniously choosebcertain patch and determan its state? Thanks

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      Weed_ wrote:

      Can I use my factors in following way: Select a bank/preset with it being active or bypassed? The only two ways I could think of are: 1.) sending pc for bank/preset and simultaniously cc for bypass-does not work, unit only seems to read one at a time(first) 2.) saving patch in bypass mode – can’t, not here, not on ehx hog2, however it works on tc nova drive, but that one suffers from only 18 presets… Why am I bothering with this? Lets say I want a patch that will in one click turn on nova drive, modfactor and hog and select certain patch on timefactor, that I can then activate on exact beat of the song and take it out after the end of the phrase. Then I select another combination of pedals, but want everyone of them ready with certain patch preloaded but not yet engaged. I’m using the keith mcmillen soft step 2. I know, it is never enough, but I can’t help myself. Thanks for awesome gear though, extrodinary sound quality! Best regards.


      I don’t have experience with that MIDI controller but what you are describing in 1) is exactly what I do with a Liquid Foot Mini and my H9 and Space:  I send PC and CC of either ON or BYPASS.

      Then with the Liquid Foot Mini I can use “steps” to accomplish what you want to do. ie:


      Step 1:

      PC 003

      CC 12 (bypass)


      Step 2:

      CC 13 (on)


      It does work in both pedals and I don’t need to step on any of the pedals switches to turn them ON or OFF.

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