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      Space S/N 3558 with Firmware: 3.2.0(10) 

      Algorithm: Hall

      I set decay to 2.5 s in normal mode and to 2.8 s in hotswitch mode and save to preset one.

      After recalling the preset, reverb time always is 4.3 s in hotswitch mode instead of 2.8 s.

      Other settings are correct. It seems that the rev time in hotswitch mode is a fixed value.

      I did the same after resetting to factory settings. Same bug.

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      Eventide Staff

      I tried this out and could not replicate the bug.  I was able to successfully save a the new HotSwitch with a decay at 2.8.  Are you using Knob Catchup mode or lock mode to verify?  Perhaps be as specific as possible about your exact sequence if you can replicate it more than once, every knob turn, button press, order of events, etc. 

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      Thank you for your quick response. Meanwhile, it works. I must have made some mistake, sorry. You can delete the thread.

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