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      I had a problem before with the H8000FW, turned out it was a low battery.

      This is a brand new unit so i figured… no problem just fit with a new battery. 1 month on and the H8000FW is messing up again not booting etc, so I followed the instructions given to me by the Eventide Tech (who was very helpful with great phot's of how to do it).

      This brand new battery is now down to 0.8 volts instead of the 3 I measured when I put it in the machine.

      I don't think my H8000FW is charging the battery? Any thoughts?

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      This is D. Rooney with Eventide Support. I also received your email to our Support Deparment and I have replied with some information for you. However you didn't mention about the replacement battery and its low level. I will follow up with you off line about this too!


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