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      Any ideas on how to get these sounds? I guess a good example would be the intro to "Lord You Are Good" by Micheal Gungor…I was trying using the modfilter last night and got some seek wah-esque sounds, but nothing that was close enough to be convincing. Anybody got any suggestions?

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      I've actually played this song a few times in church! Also met the guy when he led worship at the Grandville Michigan Resurrection Life. But anyways…

      The sound of the effect makes me think it's not a Zvex SeekWah at all, but rather an AdrenaLinn by Roger Linn Design. Go to youtube and search "Bigger than my Body" by John Mayer. That song uses an adrenaLinn in the intro, and you'll notice it sounds a LOT like Michael Gunger's effect. The adrenalinn is pretty amazing because it does VERY complex 16th note patterns over 2 bars versus the Zvex sequencers 8th note only patterns over 1 bar.

      That said, you actually are probable looking for a sequenced ring modulator sound. Check out the Zvex Ringtone for reference.

      Conceivably, you should be able to get a sequenced ring mod sound (or Wah, or any other effect) using the ModFactor in conjunction with an external MIDI sequencer changing the parameters. I doubt this helps for live applications though.

      I'm not sure if there is a way to do this all within the MF because sadly I don't own one yet, but I will in a few weeks. (Only a TF for now) When I get my MF, I will play around some more with this idea.

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      Follow up to my last post: I think Zvex-style Sequenced Modulation would be a GREAT and very feasible suggestion for the next version of ModFactor software. All they'd have to do is take the Harpeggiator effect's pitch sequencing capabilities from the PF and apply it instead to modulation in the MF.

      I'd LOVE to see sequnced wah, tremolo, ringmod, flange, phasers… you name it!

      So… who's with me?

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