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      I’m starting to set up a Morningstar MC6 II to control my H9 Max. What I would like to do is select a preset number using a MIDI message… and I wanted to know if sending a CC message with the preset number would accomplish this. If not, how can this be done using MIDI?

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      Eventide Staff

      To change presets, send Program change messages (PC) from the MC6.

      Sending PC#0 from MC6 recalls Preset 1 on H9
      Sending PC#1 from MC6 recalls Preset 2 on H9
      Sending PC#2 from MC6 recalls Preset 3 on H9
      … and so forth.

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      You can select an H9 preset 1-99 by sending it a PC (Program Change) message from 0-127 over MIDI.  You can remap those PCs, and increment & decrement to load up the next or previous preset.

      MIDI CCs (0-99) are mainly intended for variable parameter control, or switching states.  You can also use them to increment & decrement preset positions, with or without actually loading it (cued up).

      I don’t know of a way that you can use a CC message to directly select a preset.  The H9 would freak out if – for example – it received a burst of continuous control, and tried to load a new preset for every incoming value.

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      Thanks, Joe and Brock. I was wondering if the presets corresponding to PC or CC, I can def send the PC change.

      This is key to how I anticipated using the MC6, glad that it DOES work as hoped.

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        It looks like Joe & I are night owls around the same time frame.  The MC6 MKII firmware & editor have many parallels to my MC6 Pro, so let us know if you get stuck on anything.

        When you get that far into the advanced stuff, you’re going to love the CC Waveform & CC Sequencer Generators.  It’s like creating your own new algorithms, if you don’t push the H9 too hard.  These are the kind of MIDI controllers that grow with you.

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      Thanks, Brock. I’m looking forward to the fun now.

      My MIDI background was pretty deep back in the dark ages… when ‘patch’ referred to a cable between synth channels and such, and “safe sysex” was a joke that everyone knew. Program Change was a different thing then. The world of MIDI is a LOT more fun now!

      My plans for the MC6 are to have one bank for accessing select presets, probably one for controlling my RC-5 looper, and the ‘advanced’ phase for me would be to have a bank for selected presets which lets me use the switches (and at some point a MIDI pedal) to access parameters for the presets.

      This is all ‘paper’ plans; I work in software, where plans ‘evolve’ once implementation begins.:-)

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