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      I just downloaded the new beta and I've lost the ability to use the Encoder to go back to lower banks like I had in the previous version.  I'm in Bank mode but when I move up a Bank and then try and use the Encoder to go to a previous Bank, all that happens is the delay type is changed.

      Was this ability to use the Encoder to select previous banks removed or am I missing something?


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      Hmmm…. try hitting the bank up switch first, then using the encoder while the display still reads "Bank X". Just a guess, I'm not in front of my pedals at the moment, but I will check this later this evening.

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      Eventide Staff

      Timothy is, as usual, correct. The encoder will normally operate on the displayed parameter until it times out, when it goes back to effect selection.

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      Thanks everyone!

      My mistake was that I was selecting the next patch after I selected the bank up switch which was causing the encoder to "time-out" if you will.

      Selected bank up, then used encoder to go back to previous banks and that worked.

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