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      So got my H90 today!… Killer so far!  Working with creating a test patch to check out various synth algorithms (in User Bank 2, 01 INIT PROGRAM patch position). All HotSawz and Synthonizer algorithms work and sound fine… except when got to the last one “Welcome to the Machine” synthonizer algorithm.

      As soon as I select it (adding to patch position B…  A is bypassed) the H90 Control software crashes. Well, more detail on crash?… app just disappears.  I made 3 attempts to use this algorithm and the same occurred each time. Just thought I’d report it. (See photo of my test stereo configuration as GT-1000 insert)

      Pedal Firmware: (updated after opening the box and installing H90 Control SW)

      Pedal Version: M: 1.415

      Audio Vers: 1.873

      Win 10 Pro (64)

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      Sorry for the issues you are having. I’ll email you directly with some troubleshooting steps to try and resolve this.

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