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      Hello all! Need a little more help with my H90!

      I was hoping to be able to split the A & B ‘sides’ of the H90 with a Neunaber Neuron and Strymon Iridium amp sim pedal. .. by that, I mean put maybe a vibe modulation sound on the “A”side of the H90, send that mono signal out thru the Neuron and Iridium (adding that dirt and amp sim), and send it back into the H90 for some sweet delays and reverb on the ‘B’ side. btw, the signal would be changed from mono to stereo while going thru the outboard pedals.

      Would this be done by entering the routing mode, setting it to series, and placing the insert between a & b? Guitar into input 1, send the 1 output to the outboard pedals, run it thru the outboard pedals, return the (now) stereo signal back into the H90 to inputs 2&3, and sending the signal to the amp on output 2&3? Or would I use 3 &4 (both input and output) for true stereo?

      Thanks to Joe and all for your help!

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      Eventide Staff

      By best recommendation is to change the H90’s global routing to Dual mode. Dedicate path 1 to your PRE effect, the effect before the gain and cab sims. Dedicate path 2 to your post effect, the stuff after the amps.

      Guitar > Input 1 > Preset A
      Out 1 > Neuron and Iridium
      Outs from Iridium > In 3&4 of H90 > Preset B
      Outs 3&4 > to monitor/interface.

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      Thanks Joe! Appreciate all the help VERY much!!

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