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      Hello & thanks ahead of time.


      I’m sequencing Plaits with Misha and would like to send clock from my Digitakt to Misha so that Misha starts and stop as the DT does.

      I have Midi set to send on my DT & on the Misha have enabled the following settings:


      Ext Clock Source: Midi Active Sense

      Ext Clock PPQ: 24


      I’m uploading a photo to show how Plaits is connected to Misha.

      I am using a type A adapater.

      I have tested two different midi cables.

      I have made sure I can hear the sound of Plaits coming through the DT.


      All I would like to do is send start and stop messages to Misha from the DT.



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      If you press the shift buttons on Misha until you see the clock settings, you can use the Key knob to change the clock source to MIDI, and this should make Misha follow the MIDI clock and start/stop commands from your sequencer.

      Let me know if that works.

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