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      Is it possible to send a message to the TF via USB/midi so that it does a sysex dump of the current patch? It's just that I'm doing a fair bit of experimenting/saving, and having to hold down 2 buttons, scroll through, click, scroll, etc is really time consuming, not to mention the repeated clicking of the mode button worries me. It would be really cool if I could send a bit of code to the TF so that the TF responds by dumping the current patch.

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       I don't think there is a way, it might be possible for a custom code to do so but I don't know. We're suppoosed to be receiving a sysmap of the TF from Eventide to help us that are interested in following up on possible writing a user created editing tool (Though I still think companies should be including this type of software with items like this in this day and age, I mean, if you're going to ahve a usb connection etc….put it to good use with a little software support!_ rant over.) I wouldn't worry too much about pushing in the button, I've done it a thousand times by now just testing stuff and it's fine. I hope we can get something to adress your issue but until then….keep on pushing 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

       A preliminary sysex document for Timefactor and Modfactor has been posted to the app notes section. This includes documentation of the preset format and will be improved as time goes on.

       Note also that Vsig can load and save Factor series dumps.

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      Thank you!!! Big Smile  Will have to spend some time reading this… it should be awesome though. Hopefully this will kickstart the way forward with TF software (haven't checked out Vsig yet though, will try now).

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