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      I'm an alto sax player and am running into some fairly major tracking problems with my Pitchfactor. In short, whenever I'm in Diatonic mode, there tend to be 1-2 notes that consistently cause the unit to waver and not settle on a harmony. The notes that trigger the problem change depending on the key and scale settings, but once I've selected a key and scale, its consistently and only those notes that cause problems.

      For example:

      Mode: Diatonic

      Wet: 50

      Pitch Mix: 10 A + 0 B

      Pitch A: -4th

      Delay A: 35 ms

      Fbk A: 0

      Key: Eb

      Scale: Min

      When I play a Db, the harmony note should be an Ab, but the unit wavers back and forth between Ab and A. It does this as long as I hold the note – i.e. its not just the attack that is giving the unit trouble. And, as I said above, every other note in the scale tracks perfectly well – it's only this one that consistently messes up. Other keys have similar problem notes.

      This is becoming fairly frustrating because it means I have to practice with the unit extensively ahead of time to know what notes I can and can't play, even if they are in the selected scale.

      Here's my setup:

      Alto Sax ->

      AMT LS Clip-On Mic -> Belt-Pack Pre-Amp

      Mackie VLZ3 802 Mixer ->

      [INSERT] -> Ibanez Tube Screamer Analog (usually not in use, just passes signal through) -> Pitchfactor -> [INSERT]

      [FX SEND] -> Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb -> [FX RETURN]

      The Pitchfactor In and Out Lvl are both set to Line and I'm running the v3.5.0[4] software package.

      I use this setup in a variety of live and rehearsal environments, but can consistently reproduce the issue – even at home when there are no other sounds getting picked up by the mic. I've tested it with sound coming out of a monitor as well as with headphones on, to make sure the Wet output wasn't messing things up. No luck.

      Any ideas what's going on here? Are others having this same problem? I seriously love the unit, but I feel like I can only reliably use it for Octaves, MicroPitch (which rocks by the way), and a few other features, when I really bought it for harmonies and the Diatonic mode.


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      A couple of tips that may help-

      1. Make sure that your sax is in tune and tuned to the same tuning as PitchFactor (usually 440.) This will help with the pitch tracking.

      2. Make sure that the PitchFactor is getting plenty of signal at the input. This will help the pitch tracking as well. You may want to experiment with cranking the output level of your mixer into the PitchFactor to see if your issue is improved.

      Let us know if these things help!

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      … tuned to the same tuning as PitchFactor (usually 440.) This will help with the pitch tracking.

      I believe that this CALIBRT system setting (and tuning to the onboard tuner) are often overlooked in pitchtracking issues.  I'm curious about what the recommended SOURCE setting would be in this type of situation.  For an alto sax (especially with distortion processing), I would think that it'd be SYNLEAD.  For a tenor or baritone, I'd probably choose SYNBASS.

      There's not too much information out there on how the pitch algorithms are optimized.  Best guess is that a monophonic vs. polyphonic source plays as much of a role as the core frequency range.

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