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      I’ve owned a Eventide MF for quite some time now and used it a lot during the first couple of years of owning it. It was pretty hard to keep it in my board due to it’s power supply. I recently purchased a Voodoo Lab PP2 and have read in other forums that if set up correctly it can power Eventide pedals. Now my question is, if I use a power doubling cable (two points to a single power end that runs to the pedal) will this short out the MF? Essentially feeding it an 18v current? If so, what is the best option when using this power source.

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      We can't recommend other manufacturer's power supplies as we have no control over their performance. I would suggest that you talk to Mr.Voodoo who will have the intimate knowledge of his products that we lack.

      In particular, DO NOT feed your pedal 18V – this will probably destroy it.


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