Setting H9 also volume with midi CC from Boss ES-8?

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      Is it possible to set the output volume of an H9 algorithim via midi cc sent from an ES-8? This would be a per patch setting on the ES-8. I’ve searched the forum and found posts on continuos control from an expression pedal. I’d like to set the algo volume with a single midi cc command. This would let me use the same algo in different ES-8 patches with H9 volume adjustments depending on the sound desired in the patch. However, I don’t want to disable the expression control. Thanks in advance.

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      Seems feasable. I dont have a ES-8, as a disclaimer.

      You can assign “output Volume” to any CC in th MIDI CONTROL menu in H9 control.

      Then, if your controller can send the right value… it can set the output volume, just as you say. A little fiddling to decide what cc value corresponds to the right volume, and you are there.


      Some people in the past have had hiccups sending a PC-then-CC right away, without a little delay (for the patch to load maybe?). So if you run into trouble, that’s probably it.

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      Yes, it’s possible, but the volume setting will affect the ON-state only.  You will have a volume jump by switching off the H9, doesn’t matter you are in Relay-  or DSP-Bypass 

      Take a look at H9-Control’s menu Pedal Setting – Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions – Output Volume (or Input Volume)

      Just set it to some CCxx. Now you can control this CC by ES-8

Viewing 2 reply threads
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