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      Hello! Sorry for the basic question, I know this topic’s come up before but I haven’t used MIDI a whole lot and I’m a little lost. I have 2 H9s that I’d like to control with one expression pedal – said pedal is going into the first H9, which is connected to the second with a MIDI cable. I’ve set the first to Transmit, but how do I actually tell it to send Expression data, and do I need to change any settings on the second to receive those expression values?

      Thank you!

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      This is a good question.

      I tried to go down this road before but concluded that it wouldn’t work.  I’d like to know if I was wrong about that.

      So I went the basic MIDI route with a Morningstar MC-3.  Plugging one expression pedal into that allows me to use it with one, or the other, or both H9’s at any time.



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      This is definitely doable, I had used this in my rig before, and its in the user manual. I dont have my H9’s anymore but it goes something like this:

      H9 #1 setup basic midi channel/XMT and add:

      [XMT CC] –Transmit MIDI Continuous Control
      [PDL.C15]   SOURCE: expression pedal; DESTINATION: continuous controller on 15 (“standard” pedal CC)
      [CTL.XMT] – MIDI Continuous Controller Transmit Enable (ON, OFF)

      H9#2 must be set/configured to receive CC on same controller

      [RCV CH] the same channel H9#1 transmits MIDI over
      [RCV.CTL] set to EXP CC15

      see User Manual p.46-48

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      Thank you so much! Works like a charm. I should have followed my own normal advice and read the manual, I was looking in the H9 control app and didn’t realize all the in-depth MIDI settings were only accessible on the pedal itself.

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