Should I perform an upgrade to my timefactor?

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      Hi, I have a timefactor pedal, and I installed the eventide direct updater. Attaching what it currently says.

      Basically, I’ve got v5.0.1 installed, but it says 3.5.0 is available. So I don’t understand: why should I install a previous version? Or is it something else?

      Then there’s also a v5.2.0 which is said for H9 Control compatibility, but my pedal till now just worked well with the H9 Control software (I use it for backing up my presets)

      So I really do not understand what and why I should eventually update.

      Could anyone shed some light? Thank you.




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      Eventide Staff

      It does sound confusing…

      BUT, if you don't have a clear need to update your unit, leave it alone.

      Updates are a fiddle and take time, and occasionally go wrong.

      It does not sound like you see a need, so, again, leave it alone and just use it !



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