should i use VsigX or Vsig on windows 7?

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      ok.. i've got a mac pro with windows 7 installed and want to run Vsig for my H7600

      my two options are running the VsigX app or the official windows version.

      i'd rather run the Mac version so i dont' have to keep restarting into windows to use the program, but, in order to run the mac version i'll need to spend around $40 to get the usb/serial adapter and a cable… but i want to make sure it will WORK before i spend the money.. so, here are my two system options:

      1. mac osx 10.6.4 with a keyspan usb-serial adapter

      2. windows 7 via MIDI

      are there any issues with the latest version of OSX? what about Windows 7?

      would like to invest my time and money into whichever of these options works best with an H7600.

      still can't believe in this day and age there's no official Mac version of vsig… gotta make due i guess.

      thank you!

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