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      I use the H) for my synth and I want to know how can emulate a “side chain” to a PAD so the H9 reduces the volumen when Kicks enter. Maybe a tempo effect that reduce volumen each quarter of a bar …


      Sorry for my poor English.

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      One way might be to use the DynaVerb algorithm in OMNIPRESSOR mode (no reverb – DECAY fully left).  Then set the OMNI-RATIO to duck the pad sound, with the THRESHOLD level set to trigger only on the kicks (not the pad level).

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      I like the sound of the Dynaverb option, but for pure clean SC effect you can use the Harmadillo algo, X-over all the way up (12000khz), shape to SLOPE 100, DEPTH 100, everything else at default position and RATE to taste.

      Have fun, I use it a lot on live settings.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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