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      I want something so, so simple, but I am overwhelmed by possibilities and the sheer number of devices and methods for doing something that I think should be relatively easy to do. Here is my situation:

      I want the best option possible, to control three H9s and two Factor pedals via MIDI.

      I am mostly interested in program changes, so I want a device that I can build patches on, so I can instantly change all five devices, at once.

      The old fashioned way to do this, is to buy a MIDI Footswitch. I have an old one that no longer works, so I’ve been looking at pedals like the Rocktron MIDI Mate or similar. But,,.i have limited floor space, and I am not sure I want to control from the floor anymore (most of my work is in the studio now).

      1) Question 1 – FOOT CONTROL OPTIONS: IF I were to opt for foot control, what foot controller would you recommend?
      I only really need patch change capability, because I can plug expression pedals in anywhere separate – so I want the most basic thing in the world, select a patch, and all five devices change. Select a different patch, and all five change again. Simple

      In the 25 years or so since I last did MIDI, an incredible number of new methods and machines are now available. So this next question is about desktop control, recommendations for a hard ware desktop device that will do the same thing as the foot controller: change the program on the five devices.

      2) Question 2 – DESKTOP CONTROL OPTIONS: IF I choose desktop control, please recommend desktop devices that you feel can do this task with the same ease as the foot controllers do; devices such as the iConnectivity iConnect MIDI4+ Lightning or similar.

      Finally, my final question plus a question about the H9 Control app, the third category is NO HARDWARE, it’s full MIDI Control via some “wireless’ option, I.e. Bluetooth, etc. Which ties in with my question – it seems to me that logically, the H9 should be able to do this – it’s supposed to “Control” the H9s, but so far, all I’ve been able to control is selecting an H9 and selecting a patch on it, then deep editing that patch – no provision for true MIDI control of multiple H9s.

      3) Question 3 – WIRELESS CONTROL OPTIONS: Is this even possible? When I read up on it on the web, it seems that many have expressed that WIRED is the way. But….wireless might mean I can put away my Waller and just wait for Eventide to expand the H9 control app so I can control MIDI patch changes on five devices at once (or at least, on the three H9s – that’s most important. So what are my options now?

      And, will the H9 Control app be expanded to do this, or not?

      Meaning then, I would have to use something like Setlist Maker, and I would need SOME piece of hardware to get from lightning to five pin MIDI connector (and that requirement is stopping me dead in my tracks right now).

      I am not averse to spend money on a hardware solution, but I am feeling unsure about the existence and reliability of any of the wireless options – would they work reliably? I feel unsure about that.

      My problem is, I need a convincing argument for Hardware v. Desktop v. Wireless (?) to help me decide which of the three paths to go down, and where possible, please recommend reliable, quality hardware that I won’t have to worry about.

      I simply can’t decide what makes the most sense here – please comment on your own experiences if you have done a similar set up,,.your input would be really helpful – thanks!!!!


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      I have the One Control Crocodile Tail Loop and I think it’s awesome.

      I’m betting you would find it to be perfect for your needs.


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      I know it’s a long time since this post was put up but today I finally figured out how to use one of my H9s to control my other H9 (and my TC electronic Nova Drive) using the built in H9’s midi control and I can now change all three pedals with one footswitch on the master H9.  Still can’t believe how easy it is and works brilliantly.  Also still can’t believe how dense the H9 manual is on this – the info is all there but it’s impossible to follow it because it’s not all in the one place.  So no need for an additional midi controller!

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