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      I have hooked up an expression pedal to my Timefactor with the hope of controlling one or more parameters at a time.

      Although I am struggling to achieve the desired effect change that I am looking for.

      In short… by rocking the pedal in a forward motion is it possible to increase one parameter value whilst reducing another???

      In this instance, to increase feedback while simultaneously decreasing delay time??

      Or is the use of the expression pedal limited to exclusively increase OR exclusively decrease parameters at the one time.

      Any help on this would be more than greatly appreciated as I am currently left scratching my head trying to figure this one out. Have searched the product literature and forums extensively but haven't found an answer yet.



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      it's easy to try it. I haven't when I owned TF, but from my understanding of the unit and manual there isn't such a limitation. just move pedal down – set knobs to desired values, move pedal up and set knobs to desired values- no word on in/decreasing the values only

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi barry,

      What you're asking for is entirely possible.  Here's what you want to do to program the expression pedal for your example:

      1. Rock the expression pedal to toe (the little LED next to the algorithm should be blinking indicating that you can program expression pedal)

      2. Move your feedback knob to the desired increased value, then in fairly quick succession….

      3. Move your Delay knob to the desired decreased value

      4. Now move the expression to heel (little LED should still be blinking)

      5. Move your feedback knob to the desired heel value

      6. Move your delay knob to the desired heel value. 

      Should now be programmed to this.  Be aware that if you're starting from a factory preset you may have to undo any expresion pedal programming that currently exists.  To do this, you program the heel and toe to the same value. 

      Does this help?

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