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      Hi everybody  i' m new here,  first of all i want to say thank' s to eventide guys for making such a beautiful products, my question is:

      I need a foot switch to scroll down between presets of my mod factor,   i' d like to know if a single foot switch like the boss FS 5U or even better the double switch behringer AB 200 would work, i know that the digitech fs 300 is the one recommended but i don' t have more space in my pedalboard and i need a small one, if you can help me i' ll be very happy, if you know any other small one please tell me.

      Thank' s a lot.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi leslie,

      We've been using the Jack Deville Electronics CL3:AUX in house here and at trade shows.  We like it.  It's small, but still a 3-button aux switch. 


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      Hi Wedelich, thank' s a lot for your quick answer, unfortunately here i Italy i can't find that pedal, i' ve read that the Boss FS-5U works with the timefactor for  tap tempo, do you think i can use it with the modfactor as down switch?

      Thank' s again.

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      The Boss FS-5U should work fine as long as it is the unlatching type. You can then program the ModFactor to use the footswitch to scroll through your presets.

      (Alternatively, if you're not afraid of a soldering iron, you can very easily make foot-switch boxes)

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      Thank' s a lot Ksnieck, i understand that any unlatching switch will work, do i need a stereo cable like for the digitech fs 300 or a mono cable will be ok?

      Thank' s again.

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      A Mono TS style cable should be ok for the Boss unit, since there is only one switch. For switch boxes with more than one switch, a TRS Stereo cable is necessary.

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      Eventide Staff

      A stereo cable will support 2 (or 3) switches, a mono cable will be fine if you only want one.

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      That' s very clear now, thank' s a lot man.

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      Thank' s a lot nickrose, now it' s clear.

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