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      Has anybody created a decent sitar sounding on your H9 pedal?


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      There is no effect that can create a sitar sound in the H9. You need a midi pickup to get an electric sitar like sound or something like the EHX Ravish. But all those things sound nothing like a real sitar though. But maybe someone can manage to get something out of the H9?

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      I think Bodde is correct but will add that someone has posted a preset SITARSINSPACE which provides a sort of a sitary reverb sound.  It’s a clever preset but let’s be clear that it is a reverb.

      The EHX pedal might be worth a look as long as you are not a sitar purist.  It might be the best simulation available.

      I have seen two commercially available guitar bridges that intentionally induce string buzz to simulate sitar buzz.  Again, no purist would go for that.  Search the Net for details.


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