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      Can the H9 do the slow gear or guitar swell effect?

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      Here is a Slowgear preset:


      It is touchy (as is the real pedal) so to some extent you have to “play the pedal” (and by that I mean get a feel for how it reacts and adjust your playing for best results).    I set the ribbon controller so it works best with modestly fast notes at the lefthand position.  It works best for slower notes (more time to bloom) with the ribbon controller at the righthand position.    I control that ribbon controller with an exp pedal.

      You can adjust the parameters if this preset is not optimized for some part you want to play.  But be warned,  these parameters are VERY interactive.  Changing any one parameter might kill the effect unless you also change the others a proportional amount.  It took me a long time to learn how they interact.

      Please ignore the HSSWELL part of the name.  It is only there because this particular preset performs an unrelated function when the hotswitch is on.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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