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      I’ve had ths problem for months nor but I can’t seem to find a solution.

      I connect H9 pedal via usb – (direct to pc running Windows 10), no midi attached and Bluetooth off.

      Start up H9 control. After a pause, the app displays “demo device” briefly,

      Then it links to the H9.

      Then I get a series of error messages…

      Communucation error! … errorcode sm_response_timeout”  I click on OK and get…

      Failed to retrieve Stompbox Protocol,” and suggestions to reset etc. click on OK again and get the same two messages again.

      Afher that, (4 messages displayed and dimissed), the H9 is linked and works fine.

      Eventide support suggests running no other programms – especially DAWs, no other usb devices, no midi devices. All rather unfeasable in a studio set up.

      All the firmware and H9 Contol are updated, all windows updates in place.

      Has any one else had this and has anyone fixed it.


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      Eventide Staff

      Have you tried resetting all settings in H9 Control?

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      I hadn’t but I have now and it works!

      I hadn’t seen the app reset.

      After resetting, I had to re-register the H9 but it performs just as I’d expect.


      Many thanks for the rapid response, really much appreciated.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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