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      I run 2 H9’s on 12V and a Line 6 G50 on 9V and a couple of other pedals (TC Electronic PolyTune, Disaster Area DMC-4 Gen2, Miditemp FSM, buffer, overdrive and compressor) all powered by a single CIOKS DC10. This works great and the DC10 has ample power for this setup (output 5 + 6 merged for  three 400mA outputs!). The H9’s are drawing 250mA each on average at 12V and the G50 draws 280mA. The other pedals are drawing less than 200mA total. All current draws are the measured values, not the current draw given by the manufacturers. The DC10 can deliver 1600mA, is small, powerfull and good protected. For 2 H9’s you would have to by a second Flex Cable type 4 (green) as only one is in the box, but these are just a few euro/dollar. Very recommended!

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      I’m looking for a small(ish) power supply that could power one or two H9s, 9V 500mA center (+), a Strymon Timeline 9V 300mA, center 9 (-), and two other 9V (std polarity like on Boss units). Any suggestions?

      I know there are a few out there that can do this but they are either big expensive units that offer a lot more than this, or under-powered it seems.

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