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      I am looking for a classic pitch-delay effect. I am the proud owner of mod- and time-factor, so I am hoping the Pitchfactor has this specific effect.

      The effect works like this:

      You set the pich to a small amount above or bellow the original pitch. The important thing is that the delay feedback continue to pitch the sound up or down, resulting in a continuously upward or downward movement of the pitch of the sound.

      There is no pitch tracking involved just plain pitch-shifting.

      The effect was in my old Yamaha SPX 90, it is also in my Lexicon MPX 550 and it is easy to do in Max.

      Is this possible with the PitchFactor?

      All the best 


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      If I got your question right, i believe this is easily done in Pitchfactor using the H910/949 algoritm.You can set your pitch increments (the amount by which the fundamental pitch of the signal gets multiplied) using the Pitch A and B knobs and the type of increment (micro , normal , chromatic ) using the Scale knob. Delays can be set for each of the pitch shifted sounds and you can also control their feedback.


      Amey Rairikar

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      Hi JBrandtP,

      PitchFactor has several versions of this type of effect. They are found in the Harmodulator, MicroPitch, and H910/H949 algorithms.


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