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      Has this idea been discussed at all? It would be awesome if I could be at practice and plug my cell phone into the TimeFactor USB port to see all my parameter values (ESPECIALLY the ranges of each parameter assigned to the expression pedal) and also have library software to easily save and move around old and new presets.

      Has anyone brought this up before?

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      Absolutely +1…!!!!!!

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      I used TouchOSC to build an interface for my Factor pedals. At the time of this video, I only had the Pitch factor and Time Factor, but now I've got an interface for all 4.

      It works great for live performance and for "finding sounds." It also makes it convenient to control the pedals while not squatting down on the floor.

      TouchOSC is also available for iPhone/iPod Touch and this interface could be modified for the smaller screen. 

      I've been asked to post this before, but haven't done so. If there is an interest, let me know. The only caveat is that I've set up my cc's to be specific to my overall setup, so there may be some inconsistency with whatever cc settings you currently may be using.

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