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      assaf barak

      Hi everyone, first post here.

      first of all I have to say the timefactor is an amazing pedal, has pretty much everything I've been looking for in a delay pedal for a long time – and much much more. I've been using it professionally for a few months now, both on stage and in the studio and it's just wonderful.

      One thing that I think would be a great addition and very useful to me and others, is to be able in Play mode to program the middle (repeat) footswitch to toggle between delays A/B or add delay B to A. I personally don't find the repeat function very useful, certainly not to the extent that it uses a dedicated switch solely for this function (in Play mode). So if I could (through the utility function) program it to toggle between 2 delay times, or to add one delay over the other, that would be great.

      another suggestion is hardware related and you might want to think about it for future versions of the stompbox itself, is to make the delay time knobs "push" knobs like the encoder, so one has to push down on them for changing delay time. this is especially useful with "tempo on". I've found myself more than once accidentally touching these knobs with my foot (while switching other pedals etc.), and changing delay time from say 1/4 to dotted 1/8th and so… which can be very annoying if it happens while I'm playing.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. We have added it to our user request database for consideration in future releases.

      In the meantime, you can toggle between Delay A and Delay B by using an external Aux Switch. Plug an Aux Switch into the Aux Switch jack and enter System Mode (Hold down the Right Footswitch and Encoder button for a few seconds.) Scroll the encoder until you see the AUX SW menu, then press the Encoder button. On the left side of the display you can scroll to KB1 (knob 1.) On TimeFactor KB1 is the Delay Mix knob. (The knobs are numbered KB0-KB9 starting from the left.)

      If you assign KB1 to your Aux Switch (you'll have to pick TIP, RING, or T+R to decide which switch you want) then you'll be able to switch between Delay A and Delay B by pressing that Aux Switch button.

      As for your second suggestion about accidentally changing values, the current solution for this is to enable "Catchup." This is found in the System Menu under UTILITY.

      When Catchup is ON, you have to turn each knob to its saved value before it becomes active. This is great for live performance because it prevents accidental value changes due to kicking the pedal, bumps and vibrations, etc.

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      assaf barak


      I am familiar with those features and aware about the possibility to use an Aux switch for that, or using catchup. my suggestion came to eliminate the need for an Aux switch for toggling between the delays.

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      Of course, you can use the optional expression footpedal to "toggle" between A and B, or add one delay to the other. Heel down = A, Toe down = B. I particularly find this useful because it gives two delay settings per patch. Maybe one for verse, one for chorus or leads. Just step on the expression pedal to toggle. This allows each bank to have four different delays.

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