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      well,  I just updated the version 3 software for my Modfactor.  I was very excited about the new update and being able to custom name presets,  ( instead of preset 1:1,  or   3:2,  etc )   I was able to update with no problems.  But,  here is my disappointment.  Sure,  now you can custom name the presets,  but,  display still shows the preset number in front of the new custom name.   ( example name  (  1:1 Chorus ).   These numbers are still a problem because it does not leave many characters for the name to be displayed,  All you see in the example I just gave,  is   ( 1:1 Chor ) I think this is a limitation and would opt to not have the numbers display at all,  or for those of you who like numbers,  they are available,  when naming.

      Next and what I think is the biggest disappointment,  ( considering custom naming ),  when you are scolling through your presets,  with custom names,  you  DO NOT SEE THE NAMES,  just the preset number,  so,  you still have to remember which number is chorus or flange or phase,  This is not much help,  especially when you have a greater number of presets!!!  

      Please,  anyone let me know if I am missing something,  or I hope that a future update with give me the options that I have pointed out.   Especially,  seeing the names when scrolling through your presets. 

      Thanks in advance for any advise or considerations for further updating, of  this custom preset name option

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