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      I’ve been having a lot of fun replacing my buggy max patches with misha to get my drums to trigger musically coherent scales and such.  A lot of fun.  I’m triggering VST’s and my modular and controlling mute and volume and various other things using a MFT to make these noisy messes.

      A wishlist of sorts:

      • It’s great to play through the scales, but it would also be nice to be able to be able to play the interval repeatedly.  So basically like the “0” key + an interval.  So I could get the O note on one pad, O + Interval on another, and still be able to move the base note through the scale with other pads changing relative to it.  This would kind of be like a midi note quantizer.  And maybe it would use a different channel. So Misha could basically control the scale and a different midi controller would be quantized so all its notes fit the nearest notes in the chosen Misha scale.  And of course move relatively as misha intervals change.
      • A simple midi looper – a really useful thing is to be able to repeat what you just played.  Short motifs that one could punch in and out of like a cheap looper pedal.
      • A rhythmic sequencer that instead of +1, +2,… being note intervals, could be fractions of a pulse.  Basically a euclidean sequencer.  So 0, +2, +3 would generate a repeating quarter note, eighth and quarter note triplet for 2/3.  Or maybe it would be an additive sequencer where: 0+0+2 would play two quarter notes and two eighth notes.  Then using a shift key combo one could go back and forth between changing rhythmic intervals and misha note scale intervals.
      • Please get midi over usb working!
      • I think you already support this using CC’s so I just need to figure out how to add them into my midi stream using Max/PD or midipipe, but being able to use note velocity (or foot pedal) to switch between playing a single note to a chord would be cool.


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