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      Bull Earwig

      When you first saw the None option in the MIDI Program Change options, you might’ve thought: “great, just leave the pedal as is.”

      But instead, it means, Help!  I made a selection I don’t like and I don’t remember what it used to be, so cancel this and let’s go back to whatever I had.

      With other selections, you make a choice and that’s it.  So I wonder: is this really what you wanted?

      I wonder if the real requirements were: “when this program is selected, make no changes to the pedal,” which is the point of my message.  That would be really, really useful.  I wish there was a Do not change pedal choice.  Right now, Activate Pedal is effectively the same thing, if you always want the current effect enabled. 

      Related to this is that I wish there was a Null preset– one that does nothing, is bypassed and has Null or all blank as its name.  I know this must be a weird concept for what is the one of the most creative and amazing companies in audio.  When I see the pedal display the name of the effect used on the previous preset, it makes me stop and wonder if I really changed to my next preset.  If my intent is that I’m not using a preset, and if I have to spell out what preset I use on each program changed, then I do not want the H9 to tell me about what effect I was using on the previous preset.

      I guess I could make a preset named Null, but then I would still want to bypass it, which is another step.

      On another related note, setting 100 MIDI Program Change values is very tedious (though wonderfully better with H9 Control than using data wheels).  I wish you would implement some blanket functionality inconjunction with the above ideas.  I.e., a check box would allow users to specify “Null” effect for all unspecified program changes.  Please save us from having to type in the same stupid thing over and over.  Like a lot of your users, I don’t use your effects on every song and could use better tools to manage the non-usage space. 

      And one last note: can you share any tips with getting and directly editing H9 Control files?  This would ease the editing burnden.




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      I ALSO would love more MIDI PC options.

      Side note, though.. I made a preset that is just flat and titled it “empty”.. which I use for what you are describing… and you can totally save it BYPASSED! 


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      Bull Earwig

      Thank you, camn, I will use your idea.

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