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      Hi – no real question here – just a realization.  

      I wasn't too thrilled where the midi i/o was placed as it's not very convenient for tightly spaced pedal boards.  However, if you're connecting right to a computer, you can use the USB connect as the midi interface!   Previously, I had thought it was only used by the update utility – but no (lighbulb goes off) – you can use the USB connection as a full fledged midi i/o.

      I just keep liking this thing more (my TimeFactor) and more and more!

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      Yes, and something else which users may not realize is that while your TimeFactor/ModFactor is connected to your computer you can use its knobs to control things like softsynths, effects plugins, and ProTools faders.  In the stompboxes' MIDI menu you can set the knobs to transmit MIDI Continuous Controller, which can control a variety of things. Try it!


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      Is it possible to connect all the Pedals via USB directly? Could an Eventide Pedal be use as a midi controller for other Midi-over-USB devices? (in my case Roland devices)

      I read something about Roland Corp. standarizing USB with other major software companies so is there any advantages at this time for using USB than using the old standard 5DIN connections?

      (attempting to make a Midi module pedalBoard)

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – no. There are two types of USB devices, a host (master) (like a computer) or a peripheral (slave) which connects to a computer. The pedals are slave devices.

      Slave devices cannot talk to each other. A master device can only talk to slaves, not another master.

      Theoretically, you could create a computer application that would read from one slave and send the result to another, but I have not heard of such a thing, and, you would still need the computer. So, not very useful.

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      I've had good luck using this piece of ware to communicate between devices

      MIDI Translator Pro

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