Sorry ,I’ll explain more simply my MIDI problems with Eventide H8000fw

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      E.M Pulinx

      Sorry ,’ll  explain more simply :


       Let assume that


      On Disp A I have              glorious Chrs Canyon

                     B                          Galaxy  borders 2


      On Galaxy borders2 , I  take the machine B mix page ( with the  key  “levels”)

      I press and hold  the select  key and do a remote control of “levels”. That’s all what I want.  Now, with my Roland  vol pedal, I can go from Wet/dry 0 to 100%  in the 8 channels  B OUT 1 TO OUT 8 in disp B  Galaxy borders2.


      When I return to “parameter “ in Galaxy borders2 , we  have 4 soft keys.

      The first is called ” eq” in this Prg. The first line of eq is” low -18dB.”


      When I hit  the pedal in order to vary the wet/dry levels of Galaxy borders ,this parameter “low -18dB “ is also responding to the pedal, going from -18 to +18 dB . WHY ? I never assigned this parameter for remote control,only global wet/dry levels !


      If I press the 2nd soft key, “reverse” ,that’s now : t_length 13/16 note who will vary with the pedal from  13/16 to 1/64 note .

      Again ,why ?


      In DispA, glorious Chrs Canyon, I didn’t nothing regarding Midi assignement.


      However, when I hiT  the key PROCESSOR A/B ,Glorious chrs Canyon appears in the screen.

      The first parameter of the 1st soft key " reverb" verb level -3dB will also obey to the pedal ,and also  the Out 1 wet/dry parameter of Glorious Chrs Canyon .The others OUT 2 TO OUT8  do not obey . Why verb level and OUT1 wet/dry of  DispA Glorious Chrs canyon does respond to the vol pedal?  I didn’t assign anything remote regarding Disp A



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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks. That's better. But, I cannot duplicate your problem.

      My guess is that the internal ram is corrupted, maybe as a result of not doing a CLEAR SETUP after an upgrade. Either way, a CLEAR SETUP will probably fix it, at the price of removing any of this sort of remote programming that you have done.

      Another approach would be to look at the knob controls that are misbehaving – I suspect is that if you press and hold SELECT, you will probably see that they already have remote connections assigned. Or, look for the flashing underline under the name.

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      If the controller in use for levels was also assigned to MIDI Groups, would that explain the behavior?

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      Eventide Staff

      It might, but MIDI groups tend to reference (say) all the knobs on a single screen from multiple MIDI sources – his problem is probably more like the opposite, where a single MIDI source affects multiple unrelated knobs.

      But, on the other hand, you may be suggesting this because the same thing happened to you …

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      E.M Pulinx


      I have the impression that a bug does exist in the remote of group levels ,like a few years ago in one of my Orville.

      I have done your suggestion :

      I have tried to go in the remote control page of "Levels" :mode is on "volume",as I had made it.

      But contrarely as you said,when I go in the remote control of individual parameters who respond to my  "volume command" , Mode is OFF and Capture midi is off !!!

      Can you speak of this problem to the engineer taking care of the H8000 system ?


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      Eventide Staff

      I'm sorry – I cannot understand you. Please be less excited, avoid all capitals and bold, and give a clear explanation of exactly what you did and exactly what you saw, rather than this vague description. Otherwise I cannot help.

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