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      Hi I recently bought a lot of eventide plug-ins, one of them is the SP2016 plug in. It is one of my favorite reverb plug-ins for drums. But I have two thing I do not like in the SP2016. One of them is minimum predelay at 1ms. I wish it was 0ms so I do not have to compensate in my daw. The second thing is the phase witch is inverted in the SP2016 so I have to compensate for that to.

      Therefore I wish for a SP2016 update with 0ms predelay and the ability to flip the phase on the reverb.


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      Glad to hear you are enjoying the SP2016 Reverb plug-in. This plug-in is a faithful recreation of the Reverb algorithm from the SP2016 rack mount processor. The minimum value of the pre-delay and the phase of the reflections are both features that were from the original unit, so it is not likely that these will be changed in a future update.

      However, if you change the reverb algorithm (click the red “Program” button) to one of the modern selections, the phase is not flipped.

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