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      The Space user guide is a bit unclear on details of the more unique algorithms.

      1. Exactly how does the FXMix work in the DualVerb? How is the input routed to the two reverbs?

      2. What point of the signal path of ModEchoVerb do SwptVerb / FlangeMix /
      ChorsMix affect? I assume SwptVerb is similar to modulation in other
      algorithms (that is, it modulates the reverb itself). What do FlangeMix
      and ChorsMix do? Is it possible to simulate a modulated delay feeding
      into a reverb with one of them?

      3. In Shimmer algo, how does Pitch-Dcy differ from Hi/Mid/Low-Dcy? Is the
      output taken after Hi/Mid/Low-Dcy and before Pitch-Dcy? Is Delay before
      or after the output taps?

      4. Is the feedback signal mixed to mono in Shimmer? And how are the two
      pitch shifters routed? Are they simply mixed 50-50 to the feedback?

      It'd be great if Eventide could publish some signal diagrams for these algorithms, Space is afterall a pretty much full fledged studio reverb processor disguised as a stompbox pedal (and an excellent one at that).

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Antti,

      Wow, you're really digging in, asking for the secret sauce!  I'll do my best to answer your questions.

      1.  DualVerb has 2 stereo reverbs, so the FXmix knob mixes the input into these reverbs in stereo, a PRE reverb mixer for each stereo side basically.  So, A 10:B 10 means they are fed with equal L and R input signals.  If you're hooked up with Mono In, it just routes and mixes the one input to both reverbs. 

       Furthermore, when the pedal is hooked up Mono In Stereo Out, you have the DUAL MONO option on the FXmix, this will send the input to both reverbs, but the Left output will be all A reverb and the Right Output will be all B reverb.  If the pedal is hooked up Stereo in Stereo Out, the DUAL MONO option sets reverb A and B to process the L and R inputs completely independently and send them to their respective outputs. 

       Of course, this gets a bit more in depth with FREEZE. When frozen, the FXMix knob goes POST and mixes the OUTPUT of the two stereo reverbs. 

      2. ModEchoVerb is routed Modulation -> Reverb (modulated) -> Feedback Delay.  The output, however is the parallel mix of all 3 of these, so imagine, that even though their input is fed as described above, we get a combined output by tapping off of each one.  The FlangeMix and ChorsMix, not only control the Mix in the parallel output, but also, to some degree, the Depth of the Chorus or Flange in the Modulation Block.   You're right, the SweptVerb turns off the Modulation Block and modulates the Reverb itself.  It's a completely different reverb structure from the other algorithms, and the modulation is a bit more predictable.  I've achieved very similar sounds to a modulated delay feeding a reverb in ModEchoVerb, but the structure is technically different than that. 

      3 and 4.  Shimmer is structured as L+R input summed with L/R feedback, summed to mono-> mono in, stereo out reverb -> (I'll just write the 1 feedback path, but there are 2) Delay ->PitchShifters -> back to the beginning to sum with input.  The output(s) are taken after the reverb, so you can dial all the pitch out.  The delay really functions to stretch out the swells, it can open up the shimmer and give it breathing room. 

       Pitch Dcy is a macro control, it controls feedback around the entire structure.  The other Hi/Mid/Low Dcys allow freq band based feedback control.  The idea being you can target certain "colors" in the pitch swells or dial down "colors" you don't like for certain input material. 

      Does this help?

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      tom baxter

      HI There (Problem with DUALVERB programming)

      i agree with Antti – some proper videos on how to use each algorithm on space would be SO helpful i am also trying to understand how these individual algorithms work.

      at present i Just can't quite understand the DUAL VERB?

      i have sat with it for hours but it's just not quite working how i want it to 


      i want to be able to create a Freeze sound on one reverb and then play over the top of it with the other reverb but when i go to save it is just isn't there?

      what am i doing wrong dear Eventide dude?

      Tom B

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