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      Hello, I'm new here, and I have seen a few topics that seem to touch on this general issue, but I was hoping to gain some clarity on the midi clock sync.

      I am running an iPad through an Alesis IO dock, and the midi out is running in the Pitchfactor, sending midi clock data to the pedal so that I can sync the arp effects to run parallel to the tempo and groove of my drum tracks, being run off of the iPad. 

      I have checked the clock data coming out of the dock through an alesis andromeda, and also into my computer, and the sync always comes back correct- but when I connect it to either the space or pitchfactor, without fail, it reads 169 when I am sending 170, or 119 when i send 120. 

      I have read an explanation being that if you were to send a tempo with a decimal point that it would 'read' a certain way, but perform in sync. Unfortunately, at least for me, it is neither reporting the correct sync or performing in sync.

      I have also read that the problem may be the increments that i am changing the tempo, and that if I am going from 119 to 120, it may not actually catch on to the tempo change, as opposed to a larger jump. When I make a larger jump, there is no difference.

      So my question is, what is the solution, if any, for syncing my pedals perfectly with an external source… or, is there no solution at the moment for this?

      any help would be incredibly appreciated. thank you

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