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      I’d like to start by saying these pedals have fully up to date firmware, and have performed flawlessly in every other aspect. I’m also aware that it’s a recommended 10k-25k expression pot for the Factor series.

      I’ve noticed a few things about expression with the Factor series, specifically with Space and Pitch. I’ve tried 3 expression devices, with varying degrees of success.

      The first was a Hotone Soulpress 2 expression pedal (10k resistance), and after calibration it worked pretty well, with a slight dead spot toward the toe end. It seemed like the range of the pedal was actually too far for the expression to map correctly, so it’d go from 0-100 with a little distance left before being fully toe-down.

      The 2nd was a Saturnworks Micro TS 25k expression knob, and it had a similar problem: it would reach 100 at about 3/4 turn. It also seems to struggle with the speed at which it’s turned, so if you turn it quickly you’ll reach 100 around 1/2 to 3/4 turn, and if you turn it slowly it sometimes stops at 95-98 without making it fully to 100.

      The 3rd still has me stumped. It’s the OBNE Expression slider, and it’s a 50k fader. Now, I know the Factor series are all TS in/out, but that they are capable of accepting TRS. The OBNE Slider is specifically TRS, so I tested both connections. The results were weird. With TRS, the slider goes from 0 at the bottom, to 100 in the pedal, and dead space (great game btw) the rest of the way. With TS, 100 is in the middle and the top and bottom are both 0.

      So just to recap: 10k was closest to working properly, 25k was almost functional but not quite, and the 50k OBNE slider seems to be doing its own thing entirely.

      Enlighten me, oh gods of sounds.

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