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      Hello everybody,

      I have a really stupid question, for what i'm sorry. But i can't understand if there is a way to change presets, on space, with JUST ONE tap… I've a time factor too, and if i need 2 presets in one song, i put them on a single bank, where i can choose, for example, preset 1:1 or preset 1:2 in just one tap of my foot.

      Now, i can't understand the way to do a thing pretty simple and really important like that on space…
      Is it possible? If not, why everybody seems to be so happy of this new switch future? What should be the right procedure to find comfort, easy and quick approach with space? And i mean without aux midi switch or anything else not included in the 3 button of the space.

      If this switch mode represent the "future" of factor generation, why you think it's better than the first one? Where is the comfort of a up/down function divided in two button instead of a "bank" concept with two one-foot-tap and one "up" bank switch button?

      Thank you for the attention and reply

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      I agree, I find the two preset buttons more useful.  If they decide to make the other factors banks operate like the space, I'd really like a way to turn it off..

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      So, you think there's not other way to approach Space? No "one-tap"? 

      Someone can explains why Space concept is better than the Factor's one?

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      You really can accomplish this by using the hot switch button and in a way it's better; the hot switch doesn't have the lag of changing presets. Of course your stuck with just modifying that parameters of your preset, if you wanted to switch between two different algorithms your screwed.

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      Thank you Marco. So, i think i'm screwed… Of course i need to change algorithm! They are the first and only reason to choose Eventide. 

      If u r a space user, what do u do to use it in live situation without appear a "dancer"? If MIDI it'll be your answer, i think it's not a solution. If you buy a stompbox it's because you need a "non-programmable" approach with your instrumentation. I was an owner of Eclipse and i've sold it to escape from MIDI interaction.  

      This is why i still not understand why eventide choose this new approach… why they thought that one it's better…

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      I totally agree we choose Eventide for the algorithms because it's certainly not for the ease and gracefulness of the program changes whether your using MIDI or the switches.

      al.dioio, let me ask you, even if Space had the same bank selection as the other factor pedals, would you not still be frustrated with the gap/lag/swell/uncomfortable silence that occurs when changing presets?

      I was using MIDI to change presets but I have now disabled the MIDI receive because it would always invoke a program change even if it was mapped to the same preset I was already on!

      Anyway, I think for you, the best solution would be to set up Aux Switches. You can assign multiple destinations for the switches so in theory you could have one switch set to bank up and select the preset with a single press. This is something I haven't had the chance to try yet but I'm planning on it.

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      Thnx again Marco for your reply.

      Maybe because i've used eclipse  for a long time, maybe because i've used it just for delay, reverb and psychotic effects, the gap between my foot-tap and the availability  of the algorithm never frustrate me so much. Of course, it's a problem but at least i can use my time factor in a very easy and thoughtless approach. 

      Anyway, your suggestion is the Aux Switch… never used it. Is it an external switch to change the preset up in one tap, right? Maybe it's the only way, but it's external… great frustration again, my back give praise.

      Thank you, buona musica!

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