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      I fonud this

      when I use the MODECHOVERB algorithm I can't save the FxMix parameter.

      The save work only when the parameter is in the CHORSMIX or in FLANGMIX range.

      But when I move the parameter in the SWPTVERB range and save,
      then I go on another preset an then I go another time on the saved
      preset the range is always (of the FxMix pot affected parameter) in the
      FLANGEMIX 0 (I see because I have catchup function activated ad I see on
      the display "FLANGEMIX 0 turn < "

      So I have also noticed this : if the knob is physically in the
      max position every time I move the knob I read on the display FLANGEMIX
      0 TURN <.

      But, attention, it the knob (FxMix) is
      physically at zero position I see only one time in the display FLANGEMIX
      0 turn >…..after when I move the knob nothing happen until I reach
      the FLANGEMIX 0 stored parameter (but this is not the value that I have
      stored !)

      I think this is a very BIG issue

      roberto miele


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      Another think : on the MODECHOREV the hot switch don't work when I use it on the FxMix knob !

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      an other issue, when I use the Hot Switch function on the MODECHOREV the parameter of the FxMix encoder is not saved (it work on other algorhytm)


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      Hi Roberto,
      I was able to verify this problem on my Space. I have forwarded the issue to the developers and this bug should be fixed in the next software release. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
      Best Regards,
      Jerome Hyman
      Audio Support Technician 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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